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DTUK370 Indus Wash and Dry Close Coupled Toilet

Product Code: DTUK370

The DTUK Indus range currently has an extended lead time due to high demand - place your order now to be the first to receive your Indus Wash and Dry toilet when stock is available from mid/late-October.

The DTUK370 Indus Disabled Wash and Dry Close Coupled Toilet is a standard height wash and dry toilet, with 3 washing modes, a remote control and built-in deodoriser.

The DTUK Indus range of toilets offer a hygienic, easy to use wash and dry toilet system with Posterior Wash, Feminine Wash and Turbo Wash features.

This Indus toilet includes a built-in water and seat heater, warm air dryer, deodoriser and self-cleaning filter providing maximum hygiene. These functions can be controlled using the remote control, either by the user or a carer. The toilet also has built-in safety features including a seat sensor that ensures the functions are only active when the toilet is in use.

The DTUK370 raised height disabled wash and dry toilet bowl and cistern are made from high quality ceramics with white glaze easy clean finish.

  • Maximum user weight of 133kg / 21st
  • Requires a water pressure between 0.4 and 7 Bar (making it suitable for most plumbing systems)
  • Includes close coupled cistern with easy to use chrome dual flush push button
  • Standard height waste outlet, which means that this toilet can be used as a replacement for an existing, toilet (subject to having a suitable electrical supply)
  • IP rated IPX4 for use in bathroom zone 1
  • All electrical connections must be carried out by a qualified electrician in accordance all appropriate electrical regulations

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Indus Features Video

  • Indus Toilet Features
  • Specification
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Remote Control
The Indus range of wash and dry toilets includes a remote control for all functions, including wash type, air and seat temperature and power mode, allowing a carer to control the toilet for the user.
Posterior Wash
Powerful aerated spray with warmed water for the posterior; includes front-to-back oscillation and pulsating massage functions.
Feminine Wash
Soft aerated spray with warmed water for the feminine area; includes front-to-back oscillation and pulsating massage functions.
Turbo Wash
Focused, whirling spray to stimulate bowel movement, with adjustable water pressure and direction.
Air Dryer
Warm air dryer with adjustable temperature and up to 3 minute run-time.
Heated Seat
Adjustable temperature seat, pre-set to 40°C, or with 3 selectable temperature levels.
Manual Control
Built-in manual user controls on the Indus seat, providing control of the Posterior Wash and Feminine Wash functions, and an override Stop control.
Automatically activated deodoriser when the seat is occupied, with 1 minute after use timer and adjustable air current level.
Self-Cleaning Nozzle
Automatic nozzle cleaning performed before and after each use, with manual clean function when the seat is not in use.
Seat Sensor
Functions will only operate when the Indus seat detects it is being sat on, preventing the unit running when not in use.
Power Saving
Economy modes allow the water heater to be kept at a lower temperature, or "taught" the times the water is required to be heated, rather than the water being heated constantly.
Quick Release Seat
Seat includes a quick release mechanism to detach the seat from the toilet.
Water Inlet Inlet Type Direct Inlet Flow
Water Pressure 0.4 - 7 Bar
Water Temperature 3-35°C
Wash Device Posterior Wash Maximum Flow Rate 1.2 L/min
Feminine Wash Maximum Flow Rate 1.2 L/min
Warm Water Temperature 41°C (approximate)
Water Heater Power 600W
Safety Devices Thermal Fuse
Thermal Switch
Float Switch
Heated Seat Temperature 41°C (approximate)
Seat Heater Power 55W
Safety Devices Thermal Fuse
Warm Air Dryer Dryer Temperature 46°C (approximate)
Air Dryer Power 250W
Safety Devices Thermal Fuse
Ambient Operating Temperature 3-40°C
Power Rating 220-240V, 50/60Hz, 600-700W
Power Cord Length 1.8m
Width 475mm
Length 650mm
Height Pan 400mm
Pan with Seat 430mm
Pan with Cistern 790mm
Warranty 1 Year

Eligibility declaration by a disabled person

If you are Registered Disabled with a long term illness you can complete a VAT Exemption Form when purchasing certain items such as disabled toilets or grabs rails for installation into your own home.

Please download and complete this VAT Exemption Form before returning by email to sales@disabled-toilets-uk.co.uk, fax to 01603 488 598 or by posting it to the address on our Contact Page.