Welcome to the Disabled Toilets UK Frequently Asked Questions section

Many people who visit our website are looking for general infomation regarding disabled toilet regulations when in the planning stages of creating a DDA washroom facility, so finally in response to your search queries we have got ourselves organised and compiled some FAQ's and the Answers, as well as some useful downloads and links to sections within our site.

Please note that whilst we have endeavoured to give you useful and accurate information if you are unsure about any aspect concerning your own installation please consult with your Building Control Officer.

Q1: What size should a disabled toilet door be?
A: The width of a disabled toilet door should be at least 900mm and open outward rather than inward. The height is no different from a normal door. Our own disabled toilet door range is 926mm wide and can be seen at DDA toilet doors, Locks & Signs

Q2: What is the minimum size room for a disabled toilet?
A: The minimum room size requirement is 1500mm Wide x 2200mm Long

Q3: Can I have a unisex disabled toilet that can be shared by able bodied persons?
A: Yes, although the minimum room width should increase from 1500mm to 2000mm Wide to accommodate a standing height basin as well.

Q4: Do the grab rails, basin & WC have to be laid out in a certain way?
A: Yes, we provide full lay-out diagrams in our Doc M packs and to help you prepare for your installation here is a useful download: Disabled Toilet Layout Diagrams and here is the link to see our DTUK Doc M Packs

Q5: Does a Doc M Shower pack have to be laid out in a certain way?
A: As above yes, here is the download for Doc M Shower Packs and here is the link to see our DTUK Shower Packs

Q6: Can I combine a disabled toilet facility and a Doc M shower room together?
A: Yes! Download: Combined DDA WC and Doc M Shower Rooms

Q7: How big is the basin in a Doc M pack?
A: The basins in our Eco and Pro Ranges are 450x370mm and in our Elite Range they measure 400x345mm. The basin in our high specification Zero100 Series measures 380x300mm. Finally the basin in our Armourlight stainless steel anti vandal Doc M pack measures 330x350mm

Q8: How high is a disabled toilet?
A: Disabled toilets vary in height from around 440mm high (17 1/4") up to 500mm high (19 3/4"). We have added the height of each toilet bowl in the product or Doc M pack specification and included the lower rung of the seat. Due to manufacturing processes there will always be a small variance in actual tolerances.

Q9: I want to paint the inside of my washroom facility white, can I use white grab rails?
A: No! If you are going to choose a light colour wall finish then the grab rails with your Doc M pack are going to have to produce a sufficient contrast to the light coloured wall.

Q10: How do I know if I have a sufficient contrast?
A: There needs to be a minimum difference in LRV (Light Reflective Value) of at least 30 points. Using the example of the white wall mentioned above and our brushed stainless accessories; The LRV of the brushed stainless rails and accessories range from 36 to 48. As it is not possible to achieve 100 perfect white if we say that the white wall would be 90 points then the differences would range from 42 to 54 points thus exceeding the required LRV difference of 30 points.

Q11: Do you sell replacement parts?

A: Only selected items, our most popular replacements are Sequential Mixer Taps and Doc M seats.

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